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Milestones 2021

1. Acquisition module

  • Optimized programs of SpO2 and BPM modules with accuracy between + -5.

  • New modules added to measure Respiratory frequency and body's temperature.

  • 3D printed cases and smaller electronic boards implemented for each module.


2. Control Module


  • Step motor response improved based on the new SpO2 module signals.


3. Medical staff interviews

  • Interviews were held with medical experts in the field of neonatology from the State of Michoacán, as well as members of the neonatology association of the State of Mexico. A good acceptance of the solution concept was obtained, as well as positive feedback to improve Baby Breathings device.

  • Meetings were held with department heads at the general hospital of Atlacomulco to start developing a medical protocol so we can start monitoring tests on real patients supervised by the medical staff.

  • Once the above steps are completed, we expect to start with medical and quality certifications to begin with the application of the Baby Breathings treatment, expecting better results in oxygen therapy for premature babies.



4. Validation and use cases

  • Based on the 4 acquisition modules we defined a truth table to determine the cases that could occur in reality. We worked with Dr. Yirod to confirm the proper action that the device should perform in each of the cases.


5. Automatic data recording fuction

  • We added a module for generating reports and recording data with the information obtained during the treatments, we expect to help doctors develop a more accurate protocol, so the amount of oxygen needed by the patient can finally be determined, since for 80 years this has been one of the major complications of this treatment.

6. Next steps

  1. Definition of medical protocol

  2. Case validation interviews

  3. Algorithm improvement

  4. Gas mixer research

  5. Draft of business case and market share

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