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Todos los electrodomésticos

Meet Chilabot

Chilabot is a robot that has like a porpuse to help in the preparation service of the chilaquiles, it has the ability to adapt to customer’s tastes and needs. It has an interface which allows  the customer to customize his dish.

chilaquiles 2.jpg
Development of Chilabot

If you want to know more about how we made Chilabot, in this section you will find the documentation and technical information about the project.

Daniel Melitón

Hi, I’m Dani, I like the “aguas frescas”  from “La Michoacana” :)

Sarahí Vilchis

Hi, I’m Sara, I like the Vans :)

Emiliano Legorreta

​I’m Emiliano, I love the chilaquiles :)

Daniela Legorreta

Hi, ​I’m Dani, I love the sea :)

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