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Our Mission

Develop high quality medical devices that help doctors improve oxygen therapy treatment for newborns and lower the risk of developing other conditions.

Awards and distinctions

We work collaboratively with schools, universities, businesses and government organizations to identify the specific needs and challenges they face in education to achieve this mission.
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Skills that our students develop:


Our goal is to provide our students with the necessary skills to succeed in an increasingly digital world, making technological education an accessible tool for all students, regardless of their origin or resources. 

We use cutting-edge educational methodologies that motivate students to exploit their creativity and skills for a digital world, with challenges of today's world. 


We encourage creativity, experimentation and critical thinking.


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Technological education can change people's lives and the development of the country, which is why we strive for excellence in all our processes and services.


We work with schools, universities, businesses and government organizations to develop customized solutions.

Constant Learning

We bring technological education to more students in Mexico.

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