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Caring for a plant may seem like a simple task, however for many people it is difficult since they do not know about the necessary care to keep their plant in good condition and in the end they end up wilting.

In order to be in good condition, a plant needs three important factors, which are:

• Water

• Light
• Temperature

In summary, the experience toward the customer is not always the same, it’s not 100% satisfactory, all of this is made due to lack of personnel or the excess demand for the products. For this, also the lack of the space can affect the hygiene,  the safety in the preparation, and the food sales, which has certain risks for the health since the food preparation in unhealthy conditions increases the risk in diseases transmited for the food. (ETAs)

For this reason, we have decided to take action in this problematic making a robot which help to prepare chilaquiles in a healthy and efficient way for the customer. We seek to give to the customer  a best experience, but also give to the owner a help making him to have less work.

Imagen de WhatsApp 2024-02-17 a las 18.33.19_c997c1ca.jpg

Without Chilabot






With Chilabot



Chilabot helps to the sellers to have an helper who prepares chilaquiles at a good work pace  without the need to worry of having a crowd of people around for their food.

Chilabot uses motors to move the table, and take the food to its station (sauce, cream, cheese, and onion) which knows by laser sensors that it has already arrived to his station, In the station, the robot will reléase the ingredients that were selectioned, and it will take the dish to the next station. This will be repeated until the order is completed.


  • It optimize the time, and help the owner

  • This is a hermetic robot, so there is not exterior pollutants

  • It helps  to the Mexican economy keeping the food stalls

  • It gives organic food made by Mexicans in a traditional way

  • It shows how the technology can complement the human abilities in the field of customer service.

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